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What the heck are these cookies and heists people are always talking about?

Cookies are our points system. Our beloved chat bot, Riddlingbot, keeps track of them.

How do I get cookies?

You get 10 cookies for every 5 minutes that you have the stream open while it's live. Subscribers get 15 cookies every 5 minutes. You get 100 cookies upon subscribing or sharing your resub! You do not get cookies while the stream is offline.

Can I gamble my cookies?

You can gamble your cookies in a fun chat mini-game, called a heist, that runs every 30 minutes. Heists can also be run when the stream is not online. The bot will let you know when another heist can be run!

What's the point of collecting these cookie points?

At the end of every month, we will have a giveaway of a SteelSeries Rival 100, a Siberia 200, or an Apex 350 keyboard (with some other possible items that I may choose to add to the giveaway). The top 10 users with the most cookies collected throughout the month will be entered into the raffle. You can ask a mod to check !topcookies in chat to see the current top 10!

You can now use your points to set off sound effects during streams!

For 150 points, you can set off the following sound effects:

!blind - If Meghan is doing horribly at a game and you're wondering if her eyes work, use this sound effect!

!mlg- If Meghan is being a true MLG master pro gamer, use this sound effect! 

!approves- If Adewale approves, use this sound effect!

!dingus- Is someone (probably Meg) being a dingus? Use this sound effect!

!welcome- Someone left the stream to cook tacos and just returned? Use this sound effect!


^ Above sound effects were provided by Tristan D. Lalla, who voices Adéwalé in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin's Creed Rogue, and the Freedom Cry DLC. He recorded these sounds as a gift to us (and because he is the bee's knees) so go show him some love over on Twitter!

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